Joining “Daj sie poznac 2016” challenge

Daj sie poznac 2016

This post will be short, yet quite exciting for me. I’ve recently decided and enrolled for Daj sie poznac 2016 (Get to know yourself 2016) challenge organized by one of the top figures of both .NET and programmers community in Poland, Maciej Aniserowicz from

More about a challenge on:

My tools of trade will revolve around the technologies stack I’ve worked with (C#, .NET, web-stack) but I’ll attempt to touch technologies I’ve never worked with (SignalR, Oauth 2.0, one of top frontend MVVM JavaScript frameworks – not decided yet), while trying to boost up my skills in OOP in general, ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET WebAPI toolset and having even more fun and headache with adding some sugar powder of optimization problems on graphs and algorithms that will attempt to try finding solution for them.
I’ll probably overextend this project significantly to the point of no return so make sure to watch me over, as it will definitely be fun reading my frustration flowing upon you. ;)

I’ve added extra section for upcoming challenge on nav on the left, so make sure to visit it sometime when it all starts on March 1st!

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