Blog changes

Time goes by and both person’s ambitions and skills keep developing, so should their track. From now on LocalWire will change its language to English as it is widely used in most of IT documentations and publications. I’ve also changed the theme (developed by myself and based on Twenty Fourteen from WordPress) to meet current Internet standards and aesthetics.

Previous posts

Previous posts will be soon edited to keep the blog in one convention (and language).
I’ve already edited post images so that they will better scale to 1080p and look sharper and ‘catchier’.

New topics incoming

During my almost half a year break in blogging a lot of my skills and interests changed.
I’m still struggling to develop some serious ASP.NET knowledge, yet I find myself to be currently a solid WPF programmer.
Last semester on PJWSTK was tough, yet fruitful. MVC studied in-depth along with property change propagation based on Java Beans model and some serious understanding of several pattern conventions used in programming nowadays.
How about holidays? Two months of 2014 holidays were sacrificed to gain knowledge of WPF, XAML and MVVM. I found it quite challenging when moving from Windows Forms, but now I can hardly find myself creating GUI in anything lesser to WPF.
Also, a lot of posts about Batch and PowerShell scripts incoming for fans of automation!

Career challenges

Finally… I’ve made myself into full professional IT-guy career!
I’m still left a lot of flexibility with my current job responsibilities, so I’m excited even more as I’m already involved in a lot of interesting projects.
A lot of challenges in front of me atm, but having myself in IT environment makes me even more and more productive and eager to learn more, code more and blog more.

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