Ajax.BeginForm on DropDownList change

Recently I’ve encountered a problem on how to perform AJAX POST with helpers provided by ASP.NET MVC 5 – Ajax.BeginForm on DropDownList change event.

Idea behind

Imagine you have ViewModel like this:

And MVC controller action like this:

My first thought was to to something like this (note I didn’t used TextBoxFor and DropdownListFor because I actually used Ajax.BeginForm to edit attributes of each item in collection of objects inside TestVM, not the TestVM attributes themselves):

However, what I kept receiving was a postback to the /Post address instead of making an AJAX call.
I’ve also added


in several places around thinking it might be rendered wrong but nothing changed.
I’ve also kept changing how, when and where is jquery and jquery-validate loaded but no luck.


In the end I gave a try something like this (kudos to one of fellow StackOverflow’ers for an answer, can’t find it at the moment):

Yes, that’s right – only change is replacing:

onchange = “this.form.submit();”


onchange = “$(this.form).submit();”

With that you can easily forget about button type=”submit” and move on to more natural way of updating records with Ajax.BeginForm on DropDownList change event.

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